Campaign has ended

Our campaign has been a success! We were able to help many people protect their name on the Internet!
P.S. If you did not have the chance to participate – stay tuned as the campaign will be returning!

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.EU domain names
.EU domain names

It has come to our attention that the names of people are being stolen on the Internet.

Anyone is able to create a website consisting of your name...

Domain pirates practise reserving web addresses consisting of names of other people and companies, so they can later sell it on for a higher price.

Unlike companies, private individuals rarely can afford to pay a few thousand euros for a web address consisting of their name, which is what the pirates often demand.

We will protect your name on the Internet for free!

We offer every EU/EEA resident one .EU/.ART domain name registration for free (value 2.50€ +VAT).

You can then use the domain for your website or emails – whatever you like!

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone is able to register web addresses (domain names) and generally speaking they are not protected in any way. This means that the first person to register the address will get to keep it, even if it consists of the name of another person.

The only way to protect your name on the Internet is to yourself register an Internet domain name consisting of your name. Domain names usually cost 5-20 euros per year, depending on the domain name extension (.com, .eu, .art, etc).

We have been working on the domain name industry for years and have observed an increase in the number of registered domains consisting of names of private individuals and that have been put to sale. It is becoming more important than ever to protect your name on the Internet.

We will register you a .EU or .ART domain name of your choice free of charge for one year. You will be marked down as the full owner of the domain name. You do not commit into anything, but may renew it after the first year.

You can also set up a simple biolink webpage on your domain free of charge, so you can have a cool personal website for yourself.

If you want to build a more complicated website or have your own personalised email address such as [email protected], you are more than welcome to do so. Actually, we encourage everyone to do this. You can link your domain to a third party web or email hosting service or purchase one from us. Unfortunately we are unable to give web hosting for free.

You could for example:

  • publish a blog
  • create your own homepage containing your portfolio and CV (looks good on your resume!)
  • a website for your family containing your family tree

You can set up a simple biolink webpage under your domain free of charge, which you can use as your personal homepage.

You can also easily link your domain with the web hosting or email service of a third party provider. Wouldn't it be cool to have an email like [email protected]?

No. We will pay the registration fee of the first year on your behalf. If you want, you may renew it after the first year at the price 9,92 EUR (for .eu) or 21,08 EUR (for .art) per year. The price may vary slightly depending on your country of residence due to a different VAT rate.

The domain will not renew automatically and we do not save your payment details. You will receive a reminder prior to expiration. If you do nothing, your domain will expire after 1 year and stops working.

We sincerely hope that you choose to keep your domain name after the first year, because this way your name has been saved from domain pirates and our campaign has mattered.

Through this campaign you are only able to redeem a free .EU or .ART domain name. If you wish to have a domain under a different extension, you may order it through the NordName website.

Save Your Name is a campaign run by C-Soft Oy dba NordName, a Finnish domain registrar. The campaign encourages individuals to protect their name from the so-called domain pirates. We will assist in doing this by offering every EU/EEA resident a free .EU/.ART domain name registration, consisting of their first name, last name and/or their Internet nickname.

The fundamental purpose of the campaign is to make individuals aware of the need to protect their names online, but to also encourage to build websites and thus utilise the true potential of the Internet.